Morocco was known to the ancients as “Al-Maghreb Al-Aqusa”, “The Farthest Land of the Setting Sun

It is the most western of the North African countries, bordered in the north by the Mediterranean and in the west by the Atlantic. It is a country of many beaches with dramatic coastlines, mountain ranges, rivers and the great dunes of the Sahara. Morocco has been a kingdom since 1955 and the present constitutional monarch is King is Mohammed VI. There is a strong stable government with an elected chamber of representatives.

Morocco’s latitude is similar to southern California.

Marrakech is 13km and we are 12km from Ourika, the fertile and scenic valley where almost almost all the vegetables and fruit are produced for Marrakech and where there is a wonderful Berber market on Mondays. The High Atlas Mountains are just beyond offering endless walking and riding possibilities. The 5 cascades of Setti Fatma are close by and provide a more challenging excursion.

Morocco is a fascinating destination and Marrakech is positioned perfectly to enjoy the diverse landscapes and cultural activities. The desert, mountains and the sea are all within hours and your stay will never be long enough to enjoy all that it has to offer. Marrakech is vibrant and full of the most wonderful restaurants and nightlife. The contrast between the more modern town and the souks of the old Medina are a source of fascination – the shopping is excellent in both!

Flights & transfers

Marrakech is the shortest distance that you can travel from Europe and wind up somewhere genuinely different. There are regular flights from the UK and many European airports. Flying time from the UK is around three and a half hours, and less from many European destinations.

The nearest airport is Marrakech Menara Airport (20 mins by car). Airport transfers are arranged on your behalf and a minibus and driver for up to 12 guests costs a total of approximately £140.

Easyjet, Ryanair, Thomson, British Airways, BMI and Royal Air Maroc all fly from various UK airports on a daily basis.


10 Moroccan Dirhams are worth approximately £0.75, €0.90, CHF1.00. The rate is subject to daily fluctuations.

There are endless cash points but not all work all of the time. The situation is similar with credit/debit cards. Take several as, for no reason at all, they can be rejected.


Marrakech is on Greenwich Mean Time. In summer the time is one hour behind GMT.


The cuisine of Southern Morocco is world famous and truly delicious. The Marrakechis are superb cooks and there is a wonderful variety of vegetables, fruit, fish, shellfish, meat and poultry. Morocco produces some easy drinking wines. You will also find many fine Moroccan, French and Italian restaurants along with first class hotels.